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Thread: My thoughts of game distribution with Discord!

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    Post My thoughts of game distribution with Discord!

    One of the very important aspects of game development is really understanding the market, and knowing the best possible platform option for releasing your game. Me and my team creating our first game (and all literally teenagers unemployed) have a small budget. Our discussion for release platforms came up quite often, we thought steam, but when further looking into the pricing we decided we can't afford that. Obviously there's more options then just steam but in this post i'll be talking about release on Discord, and my thoughts. To make it clear, our choice was not only based on price, but rather the size of our community and it being our first game, starting small. When the Discord store arrived it was meant to further transform Discord into that "gaming hub". You got your friends, community servers, voice chat, modern design, and then a store. The Discord store offered a new way for developers to distribute their game, but who buys the license? Well, giving it's a new store the possibility for it to flunk stands by, so the Discord store sees no triple a titles, the store is more so used as a distribution platform by Indie Developers.

    So what are my thoughts about using the Discord publishing platform?

    To start off, it's not going to be long term thing, as mentioned my community is very small, roughly 30 people, so we only really wanted to use the Discord store to work during development stages closer to the community. Discord makes this possible by allowing you to build store pages directly into your Discord servers! We can release stable builds, beta builds, seek approval for commerce, like most other platforms. Like mentioned the Discord store was new, and had that possibility to flunk, and it did sort of do that, Discord limited the store pages to ONLY directly in community servers shortly after instead of the 'Main Store", kinda sucks. As I continue to work close to my community with Discord I have been noticing some updates they've been doing to their tools, and it seems like things are getting removed instead of implemented, to my eyes it looks like their butchering it to the bare minimum cause it didn't work out, they even cancelled developer programs that help advertise games. In the end id say if you have a Discord community already and want to work close during development, use Discord, It's only a $25 license anyways so if it fully gets canned that's not too bad.

    I'm pretty bad at posts like this and tend to go all over with my thoughts, but I hope it helps you understand my opinion about distributing on Discord.

    Also it's 2:04 AM and idk why i'm posting this on a site I have not visited in years, and for the love of god if someone that's a forum admin sees this please change my username to JellyPies, nemoguy29 pains me.

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    Interesting, but this isn't the best place for a post like this, don't you think? It's quite literally a wasteland lol. Try r/gamedev instead.

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    That's very interesting. I'm working closely with a discord community as well ,and I was curious if Discord had any kind of platform for distribution like that. Though it doesn't sound worth it for me personally- considering I've already optimized my game for mobile lol. Sounds very nifty, might use that for some low-end competition-esque games for the community in-between major releases. It being integrated directly and solely into your community is perfect for just that.

    Thanks for the bit of info i was too lazy to research for myself

    Good luck on your game!
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