• Added more virtual keycode support, Proton now gets virtual key messages when volume up/down buttons are used, and directional keys including a "center trackball/joystick button" msg
  • (android, win) Added BaseApp::m_sig_raw_keyboard, windows and android now send key up/key down messages
  • (android, win) virtual messages such as VIRTUAL_KEY_SHIFT, VIRTUAL_KEY_DIR_LEFT, VIRTUAL_KEY_DIR_RIGHT through BaseApp::m_sig_raw_keyboard
  • Added keybinding and virtual key system, happening through ArcadeInputComponent
  • (android audio system) "sound isn't cached yet, wait and try again" internal messagemanager msg now always uses system timer, was using game which could result in the message not being sent if the game was paused
  • All font drawing calls now batch render by defaults, global batching system updated to handle font changes. (if the texture/font is the same, it will add include it in the same gldraw call)

I'm not going to do a post for every commit, just for bigger or timely ones so please update often if ya wanted the latest stuff.