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Thread: is it a good start?

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    Default is it a good start?

    So, I'm very interested in game design, and want to be the level designer when I grow up. I mainly use a site called sploder to make games. If someone out there who does level design could look at this site, and tell me if its a good place to practice, that would be great. (My account on there is neostars111, if your wondering)
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    The best place to start is at the hardest one. I suggest taking some lessons on Java or C++ (If you can't afford to go to school for it/too young, YouTube is a good place for learning too!). If you want to learn more, just take a look at my guide at the top of this forum, or got here if you're too lazy:
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    but before you involved in gaming learn maya, 3d max or photoshop cause character modeling and fx are more important in making of games.. IMO

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    Interesting game design site shearing.
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