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Thread: Big update comitted, Irrlicht updated

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    Default Big update comitted, Irrlicht updated

    SVN change log:

    * Added flipX and flipY parms to OverlayComponent
    * Added AnimateEntitySetMirrorMode helper function
    * Added AnimateStopEntityAndSetFrame helper function
    * BUGFIX: Using AnimateEntity no longer ignores the last frame in the anim
    * BUGFIX: Using AnimateEntity with bounce mode no longer makes the anim play at half speed
    * Audiere audio manager no longer crashes if a sound cannot be loaded. Shows error message
    * Some misc improvements to the animation helper functions
    * Added BaseApp::SetFPSLimit() helper function
    * FPS limit is now respected by Windows builds, useful for testing artificially slow framerates to see how your game will behave
    * OSX: CHAR_RAW keys now always return uppercase, same as windows
    * OSX: Now respects MESSAGE_FINISH_APP (this is sent when you hit escape from the main menu in the RTSimpleApp example)

    * Updated Irrlicht to the gles 1.7.1-beta branch. To make RT3DApp compile again I had to:

    * (in xcode) Had to add shared/irrlicht/include/EAttributes.h to project (so it could find it)

    Removed the following files from project:



    Note: Irrlicht GLES now has some GLES 2.X support but this is not exposed by Proton yet as Proton itself is GL 1.X only .. so far

    Good news: Irrlicht seems to be a lot faster now!
    Seth A. Robinson
    Robinson Technologies

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    Woot! Just got it up and running! Thanks!!!

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