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Thread: Alternative AudioManager for windows

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    Default Alternative AudioManager for windows

    So, I just adapted Audiere lib to work with proton. It's free, open source and I just like it more than FMOD.

    It's pretty basic, so some functions I didn't need are not implemented. Yet.

    To make it work just copy all files to your /shared/ folder and audiere.dll to /bin/. Then in App.cpp add
    #include "Audio/AudioManagerAudiere.h"
    AudioManagerAudiere g_audioManager;	//sound in windows for free!
    exclude AudioManagerFMOD cpp/h from project, add include/library search paths and have fun.
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    Excellent work - I will add this to svn and set it to be the default audio source for the RTSimpleApp example.

    This way I don't have to force people to download FMOD and it can work "out of the box".
    Seth A. Robinson
    Robinson Technologies

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