I was having trouble getting the RTBareBones example to build for Android. It was failing saying that ${external.libs.absolute.dir} could not be found.

I'm kind of a newb at compiling android apps without Eclipse, so I'm not sure what it is trying to reference. I don't know whether it is something carried over from a cookie-cutter android ant script or added purposefully, but after searching around for some time with no solution I decided to just remove the reference from build.xml and see what happened.

The app compiled fine, pushed to the device and ran like a charm.

So if anyone can explain to me what classes this classpath was trying to include, and whether removing the reference is going to bite me down the line I'd appreciate it.

To anyone else encountering this problem and wanting a quick solution - I just removed the line
<fileset dir="${external.libs.absolute.dir}" includes="*.jar" />
from build.xml.