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    Can anybody tell me why i cannot download d-mods?
    And tell me a good site where i can download d-mods for dink smallwood?

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    Have you tried to download them from here?

    Go there, pick the D-Mod ya want, and choose the mirror to get it from. If FilePlanet confuses you too much, try the WCNET mirror. :P

    And I'm sorry if this confuses you; I've never been good with instructions.
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    can you tell us more about how to download the dmod because I don't know how to do it
    what mirror are you talking about ?

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    1. Click dmod list 1 or dmod list 2 or dmod list 3.

    2. Click the name of the dmod, for example Prophecy of the Ancients v2.02.

    3. You can see the following:
    Prophecy of the Ancients v2.02 by Gary Hertel
    Download From:

    4. Most of the time, you should be able to download it from FilePlanet. WCNet is a part-time mirror, and most of the time you won't be able to access it.

    5. After you click fileplanet link and if the server is not down, you should be able to see some Personal server lists followed by some public server lists. Unless you have so much money to spend and don't ever want to wait, you can download the files from public servers without paying anything or registering. If you do not try to download the file during fileplanet's rush hours, usually you don't even need to wait for downloading files from public server. Click Download.

    6. Note: somebody said that you might need to disable your download accelerator program if you have any. I am not sure about this.

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