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Thread: Best way to call a function every 5 secs

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    Default Best way to call a function every 5 secs

    Right now I'm just comparing against the BaseApp ticks in a Component's Update function:

    	int nTime = GetBaseApp()->GetTick();
    	// wait 5 seconds
    	if( (nTime - m_msgTime ) >= 5000 )
                    // DoSomething();
    		m_msgTime = nTime;
    Is there a better way to do this with boost/your messaging system?

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    The "componenty" way to do it would be:

    Link the function in the component's OnAdd()

    GetFunction("DoSomething")->sig_function.connect(1, boost::bind(&MyComponent::DoSomething, this, _1));
    //note: you could also link to a non-member function if you want
    Make the sure the function actually exists (and add to the .h):

    void MyComponent::DoSomething(VariantList *pVList)
         LogMsg("Doing something cool");
    Schedule the function to be called:
    GetMessageManager()->CallComponentFunction(this, 5000, "DoSomething");
    And I guess you'd want to also call the above from inside the DoSomething so it keeps calling itself every 5000 ms.

    So is it worth doing all that?

    Well, I guess it depends what it's for. Doing it this way makes the following possible:

    • Things outside the class can schedule it to be run
    • You can easily send in parms, instead of using member variables to store them
    • You can "overlap" calls, sometimes useful
    • Other entities/components could also link to this component's DoSomething, to be notified when it happens, possibly to do something additionally
    • It's possible to schedule a call on a component that doesn't even exist yet.. uh, probably don't need that, but hey.
    • Don't need a timing variable cluttering up things in your component class

    If you don't ever want overlapping calls and that is a danger of happening for some reason, one option is to use MessageManager::DeleteMessagesByFunctionCallName or MessageManager::DeleteMessagesToComponent to kill existing calls in the pipeline.

    Reasons you shouldn't use the "entity" way are:

    • Boost is slow, if you're calling something every few frames, use something else
    • If multiple places in your code want to check the timing, might as well do your own timer
    • If you never want to allow overlapping or need complex scheduling, a single uint32 timer is simpler
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