Reference ClanLib 2.3 (not 2.2)

ClanLib's clanSQLite uses SQLite3.

Currently the sqlite3 library source is included directly inside ClanLib SDK

At the top of the sqlite3.cpp source, we define the sqlite3 options:

These options are ideal for what I use SQLite for.
Other people may have other ideas. Not a problem though, they just change the source.

I have created a Visual Studio Project for the NSS (Network Security Services) library.

Although the source contains SQLite3 and ZLib, I do not use it. I treat SQLite3 and ZLib as external dependancies.

When using NSS with ClanLib, I have to point the library include path directly into ClanLib/Sources/SQLite/sqlite3.h

Has anyone got any objection of making sqlite3 an external dependancy in ClanLib?