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Thread: RT3DApp_VC2010.sln failing to compile

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    Default RT3DApp_VC2010.sln failing to compile

    Several issues from a clean checkout:

    1. Due to missing filters, user properties or something (new stuff in VC10 I don't know... and hate), all source gets imported into the project root... ALL of it. The usual hierarchy of folders/filters (which also irk me, thanks Microsoft) do not get shown.

    2. It seems the project is compiling in Android source. I'm getting all kinds of compile errors (GL Debug).

    I'm trying to see if your latest RT3DApp runs a terrain scene as slowly as mine does. I'm currently getting only 7FPS! Yuck! Will work on profiling soon if the problem is not on my end.
    [EDIT] Looks like I have some work to do. Terrain example runs around 27fps in your code. Only difference I can see is that I'm using the same assets in a .irr file/scene. Perhaps my scene setup code is bad.
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