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Thread: ClanLib-2.2.6 MinGW Compiler Suite Patch

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    Default ClanLib-2.2.6 MinGW Compiler Suite Patch

    This patch will allow MinGW to compile ClanLib-2.2.6. Tested on MinGW-4.5.2, but with the fixes, in theory, it can compile as early as MinGW-3.4.5

    Before installing, ensure you have the following libraries:
    zlib -
    Freetype -
    Mikmod -
    Ogg -
    Vorbis -
    PCRE -

    FontConfig is only used on X11 files, and as such is not required. This patch reconfigures to reflect it.
    The following macros in their respective files needs to be set:
    • __MSVCRT_VERSION__ should be >=0x0500

    • WINVER should be >= 0x0500

    • _WIN32_IE should be >=0x0500

    This patch also reconfigures to include said libraries if the compiler is MinGW

    What the patch does is add include files and change #if conditionals to route MinGW to the right places, If I added anything, it was to complement the code already included by adding the MinGW headers to the functions that uses them.

    I also noticed that ClanLib uses a lot of unicode-heavy functions, so I added DUNICODE in the flags and added conditionals to #define _UNICODE prior to including tchar.h if in MinGW. It will not install otherwise.

    And finally the patch adds conditionals to for win32 files not included.

    Also note that MinGW-4.5.2 does not have all the source files. It's missing some, but I forgot to document them.

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    I have applied your patch to ClanLib 2.2 SVN (and 2.3 svn)

    I noticed your patch file had modifications to, is a generated file. (The source file is

    If you have time, please can you test the ClanLib 2.2 SVN on MinGW.

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    I have tested it and it compiles successfully.

    I'm testing to see if I can find problems.

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