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Thread: ClanLib with LuaBind?

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    Default ClanLib with LuaBind?

    Additionally, I'd like to ask if it seems reasonable to use LuaBind in a ClanLib based project. CL's API seems well rounded with graphics, networking, database, etc support, but before I try using LB with it, I was wondering if there's already support for scripting in the API? I don't want to go overkill on my project, after all.

    I realize the XML-based resource system would be a good argument, and I'd have to agree it would be good for stuff like NPC dialogue, weapons, armor, spell info, but I'm not so sure how even that would fare with scripted events and unusual customization (I use the term 'unusual' here to describe something that differs from a standard means of game implementation, such as... I guess dialogue during certain battles, or for a more absurd example, cows raining down from the sky in certain levels)

    Thanks for the help!

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    This thread may help.

    Although an old thread, Magnus's response still stands today (as far as I know).

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    Hmm, well I don't want to do anything low level really. I guess I want to call external script functions from within my program.



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