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    Default Text formatting

    Can you point me to an explanation of what formatting options are available with text rendering? I notice the "'7" for Bold. Are there other options?

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    The text formatting codes all change the color. Open the .txt file with the associated font to see what the colors and codes are.

    For instance, RTbareBones/media/interface/font_trajan.txt has this:

    `format code specifications for inline font formatting (SANSI for those that remember the BBS days)
    //add_format_color|<character code>,r,g,b
    add_format_color|0|255, 255, 255|//default
    add_format_color|2|0, 160, 0|//dark green
    add_format_color|3|0, 160, 160|//dark cyan
    add_format_color|4|160, 0, 0|//dark red
    add_format_color|5|160, 0, 114|//dark purple
    add_format_color|6|150, 144, 0|//brown
    add_format_color|7|160, 160, 160|//gray
    add_format_color|8|132, 108, 70|//dark brown
    add_format_color|9|0, 0,255|//dark brown
    add_format_color|0|0, 255,0|//bright green
    add_format_color|!|0, 255,255|//bright cyan
    add_format_color|@|232, 0,0|//bright red
    add_format_color|#|232, 0,166|//bright purple
    add_format_color|$|255, 255,0|//bright yellow
    These are encoded into the .rtfont file when rtpack.exe builds in the update_media.bat. (btw I'll add something to the wiki about making new fonts if anybody ever needs it.. the font_trajan.bmfc file can be opened by BMFont, a free font tool, could be used as an example)

    So, example of doing some colors:

    GetFont(FONT_SMALL)->DrawScaled(0, 0, "white `2Green `3Cyan `4Red `5Purp ");

    Pro tip: doing `` will "undo" the last color change, they work like a stack, ie: "`2Green green green... `3Cyan! ``back to green".
    Seth A. Robinson
    Robinson Technologies

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