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Thread: Turn it into a FaceBook game

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    Default Turn it into a FaceBook game

    I was thinking about FQ the other night. And I was thinking about all those silly little Facebook games I play. Then I wondered why the game couldn't be adapted to the FB game model. Would require some changes, but it has the right basic elements.

    Would revive the game and be a potential source of revenue.

    Of course, if you do this, I'll need my 5% of the cut...

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    I'd love to see it as a facebook game too but it would truly be a lot of work to "do it right". Would have to rewrite the entire server part.
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    if you do it, I'd like the option of being anonymous, and play as my handle like the classic FQ. You could add a few mods too, and it should be pretty easy to do.

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    Terrible, but I can't be bothered to play any game not on FB anymore. Still, fond memories of FQ. Thanks for that.

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    If Seth were to go this route I sure hope he could continue to be generous enough to host his own server for us, or let someone else do it ( <- that's me raising my hand). Some of us still haven't given our information to any 'social media' outside message boards

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    Default Not on FB

    Just would like to say that some of us have not given in to the pressure to be on facebook. I would really miss FQ so I'm happy to keep it the way it is. It would be good, though if Seth could make some money on this. But I appreciate the fact that he keeps it going for us Deathville addicts.

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    I heard games in Facebook are making good money. How would one convert a game to fit it's platform?
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