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Thread: Add GUI to existing app?

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    Default Add GUI to existing app?

    Is it possible to just use the GUI from ClanLib and add it to an existing application and then pass the rendering context to the library from the app?

    I already have an application framework and rendering engine but really like the GUI front end supplied in ClanLib.

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    I'm not entirely sure what you mean. There are two ways you can interface clanGUI with other systems:

    ClanGUI is layered on top of clanDisplay. It uses CL_DisplayWindow, CL_GraphicContext, CL_InputEvent and so on. ClanDisplay itself is a display target abstraction that is then implemented by clanGL, clanGL1 and clanSWRender. You can implement your own target by writing your own implementation of the various providers.

    The other way you may be able to interface it with a different framework would be to write your own window manager. ClanGUI uses the window manager to create and manage the top-level windows. As an example of this the system window manager provided by clanGUI creates CL_DisplayWindow objects for each top-level window, while the texture window manager creates CL_Texture objects. It is also the window manager that eventually presents the windows to the user, so if a 3rd framework needs to do the final presentation this may be a way to obtain that kind of behavior.



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