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Thread: Linux CL_Console::wait_for_key() does not work

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    Question Linux CL_Console::wait_for_key() does not work

    FYI, just started a new 2.2.8 project using Code::Blocks IDE on a Fedora 15 host... looks like it has come a long way since my project using 0.8.1.

    Anyways, the hello world example compiles, links, and goes but alas, the wait_for_key() does not wait. An strace on it does not reveal any attempt either. Likely the least of people's problems, but I thought I'd mention it.

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    You're right, and it is expected behaviour..

    /// \brief Block until a key is pressed in the console window.
    /// This function does not do anything on Linux
    static void wait_for_key();

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    It is really just a convenience function when developing for Windows.

    Is is annoying when your application exits with an error, and the console window closes before you can read it.

    On Linux, we found it more annoying to "wait for a key", as you normally run apps from a console window

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    Agreed, thanks for the explanations and reasoning.

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