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Thread: ClanLib 3.0 Tutorials/Code Snippets

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    Default ClanLib 3.0 Tutorials/Code Snippets

    Noticing a lack of good resources for ClanLib 3.0 I've started a blog posting code snippets and tutorials for developing with ClanLib.

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    Oh, very nice initiative. Yes, lack of documentation is by far the worst problem in ClanLib at the moment.

    I have actually been thinking about changing the Examples part of the website to be a list of tutorials instead. The idea is that the Documentation page contains reference docs and a getting started section, while the Tutorials page would contain the stuff that help you get started.

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    +10000000000000000000000 points for a good initiative.

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    Thanks for the support guys. Any input for ClanLib best practices and tips/tricks would be much appreciated.

    At some point I would like to put a submissions form in place.

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    I also wrote some Rect and Size alignment function templates. You can share this if you want, it's public domain.

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    Thanks for the contribution moogtrain. Always welcome!

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    Very nice work. Having extra resources when learning ClanLib is always helpful.

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