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    Default Get screen texture

    Hello, I want to make some effect with distortion of rendered image. So, for example, I have a world and a cycle where all sprites are drawen.

    And I have some another object class which should take some rect from already rendered sprites and distort it with shader, for example.

    I know that such things are made with post processing. But post processing takes the final picture and I need only the picture which is rendered untill my 'super' object works.

    The graph is like this:

    Sprite 1 is rendered
    Sprite 2 is rendered
    Sprite 3 is rendered
    [Here my objects takes the resulted screen-texture and work with it, render reworker image]
    Sprite 4 is rendered
    [Final, rendering framebuffer to screen]

    Is this possible? If yes, how can I get the texture from framebuffer which is alredy rendered? Btw, I don't have direct access for rendering of all another sprites, so I can't just set to render them into my own texture.

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    This is usually achieved by creating a texture with the dimensions of the frame buffer. Then create you own frame buffer object (CL_FrameBuffer) and make it active on the graphic context. You then render the scene into this frame buffer.

    CL_Texture texture(gc, gc.get_width(), gc.get_height(), cl_rgba8);
    CL_FrameBuffer framebuffer(gc);
    framebuffer.attach_colorbuffer(0, texture);
    post_process_render(gc, texture);
    Note: This code example is written from memory and might not be entirely accurate in how it uses ClanLib. But it illustrates the general idea.

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