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Thread: Creating my own image provider.

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    Default Creating my own image provider.

    Hi. I'm new using this library. I would like to do a remake of an old videogame, so I know the filesystem the game used to store sprites. Now I want to make a CL_Sprite containing the old sprite graphics, and I thought I need my own image provider to preload the old sprite into a pixel buffer. Am I wrong?

    What are the steps I should follow?

    Thank you all.

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    You could implement your own class for an image format and register it with the image provider factory. You do this by inheriting from CL_ImageProviderType and implement the abstract functions. When you create an instance of your class it is automatically registered in CL_ImageProviderFactory and will handle that file extension.

    However you may find it easier to simply construct a sprite programmatically using CL_SpriteDescription, CL_PixelBuffer and CL_File.

    It really depends on how the data was stored in this old game.

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    The sprite is an special "compressed" format that only indicates the pixels that are not transparent, so I cant know the height and width without go throught the entire sprite. It also needs 3 predefined paletes, so if I want to repaint the sprite I need to parse it again to generate another pixelbuffer with another three colours.

    I can attach a filesystem description if you want. The videogame is OMF, and the sprite description was researched by vulture.

    Thank you.

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    An easier way is to rip the sprites out and convert them into PNG format.

    After some googling I came across a sprite rip package:

    If you need more help visit #omf on freenode. Vulture, Raptor and pretty much everyone are there except robyrt.

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    Oh my gosh, thank you a lot. I'm downloading those sprites to check how are they.

    EDIT: I checked them. They are colored. So I'm going to manage my own way to rip those. Any idea of how to do it? Maybe doing three separated sprites for each part of the image?

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