Am finishing up Dink Smallwood v 1.06 and I must say that I really like this game. I have played hundreds of adventure type games and this one is definitely one of the better. Anyway, on to the questions:

1) Does the empty house that "George" knows about have any significance? I did miss George somewhere? The one outcast troll (?) thing says that George is human, but I don't remember him.

2) In the End of the world/darkness (the end area where you battle all the monsters), as soon as you enter the area from the teleporter thing, there are 2 passages on either side of the screen that are blocked by purple dragon statues. Is there a way past these guys so that you can go down the passage, are are they just decor?

3) Toward the beginning of the game, if you keep going left, you will eventually find a guy who sells you the herb shoes. If you go left from his house, there is a large gray rock amongst some trees that is blocking your way down a path going left. Is there something past the rock?

4) Anything with the dam or is it just for decor?

That's all I got for now.
Thanks in advance for any help.