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Thread: Creating Entity on different map

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    Default Creating Entity on different map

    CreateEntity(Map:test(), Vector2( 900, 560 ), "weapons/dagger/daggerI.lua");

    im trying to create an entity with the script daggerI.lua on map test but the code above isnt working....i dont know why, any help?

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    Hmm, what is Map:test()? I don't think you can do it that way..

    Instead, try this:

    //first, remember the currently active map so we can switch back to it
    originalMapName = nill
    if (GetMapManager:GetActiveMap() != nil) then
         originalMapName = GetMapManager:GetActiveMap():GetName();
    GetMapManager:SetActiveMapByName("Test"); //Assuming test is the name of the map
    CreateEntity(GetMapManager:GetActiveMap(), Vector2( 900, 560 ), "weapons/dagger/daggerI.lua");
    //now switch back if we can
    if (originalMapName != nil) then
    Untested code above, may have errors.

    I'm kind of puzzled why I don't have a GetMapManager:GetMapByName("test") function. Strange, but this work around should do it.
    Seth A. Robinson
    Robinson Technologies

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    Default Thanks

    thanks that works but i also found another way around it, instead i put an invisible entity on the map and named it something like "test" then i used the code...

    ent = GetEntityByName("test");
    CreateEntity(ent:GetMap(), Vector2( 375, 75 ), "weapons/dagger/daggerI.lua");
    so it looks for that entity, gets the map that entity is one and then creates the entity i wanted it to there, and it seems to be working fine for now :P

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