i know that there are a lot of vetran players that have had some secrets, i decided to make this thread to clear up some things i think people might question me about.
fame: i know that im not that famous and i dont intend to tryt to become famous in the near future, all that i want is really for people to remember me. i feel as if im ignored and forgoten constanly, and i feel the worst fate that could happen to a person is being forgoten...
Mod: yes i did turn in an aplication, i dont want to become a mod for fame or items, i feel that i can help make growtopia a better place for all the players.
wotd: i admit that i would like to win wotd at least once, but i dont want to make it my #1 goal, i dont want to become obsessed with trying to get a wotd trophy :/
my growtopian past: i dont really have any big nasty secrets of when i was a noob, the closest this to a secret is that i was really whiny when i started out on the forums
i know some people wont believe what i typed in this thread, and i wouldnt blame them, on the internet its hard to tell who's telling the truth and who's not. so... thanks for reading