Hello, I am new to ClanLib SDK, and I have some questions about CollsionDetection System, and if someone could be so kind to help me

1. If I have 100 objects of the same type, I don't think it's a good idea to create for everyone a CL_CollisionObject for every object ? It will be just a waste of memory... I was to thinking to use just one CL_CollisionObject for every type of object, but there is a problem then I need to check collision between two objects of the same type ( collision will always return true ). Some advice about this ?

2. About CL_CollisionOutline constuctor:
CL_CollisionOutline (const CL_StringRef &resource_id, CL_ResourceManager *manager)
, can't find more about this, does this mean that we can store *.out files inside a resource file ? If yes, what are the tags for this?

And one more question, what "Apple OpenGL ES 2.0 initial support" from "ClanLib 2.3.0 Release Notes" means ? will we be able to compile our code for iOS devices ?

Tnx everyone who can help me a bit with these questions