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Thread: A New ClanLib Page.

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    Default A New ClanLib Page.

    I want create a new clanlib page BUT i dont how contact an admin or where is the boss :> ?
    give me a chance i create a side WITH many things waht help clanlib and the support with user.
    Tutorials, Examples, Download, register, Login , Live support or anything other contact me
    the web is no problem for me i can do ALL waht the web can endure

    ICQ: 353167418.

    many greets from german.

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    We are very happy with the current ClanLib current pages.

    It is based on MediaWiki (used by Wikipedia and others)

    We like to keep things very basic, clean and tidy. It is easy for programmers to navigate and we do not have to do any maintenance.

    Anyone can enhance the documentation at:

    The forums are run by We are very thankful to Seth who has done lots of ClanLib development in the past. And he has the tricky job of monitoring the forums, detecting and destroying spam bots.

    Check out his Proton SDK, it is very nice.

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