So the past few days I've been messing around with the SDK (really cool by the way, thank you for all this Seth!). I've compiled and ran the bare-bones and simple-app just fine. Now I want to get it up and running on my android.

I've been following the steps laid out in the Android How-to, and I've successfully navigated most of the problems I was having (btw, you should add details on where to get cygwin from and how to install it.... I don't think it's explicitly stated that you need to install it).

I feel like I am right at the finish line, but am running into one last issue. The GNU compiler isn't happy about something (sorry, I am not that familiar with GNU-make files), here's the output:


D:\mobile_src\proton_sdk\RTBareBones\android>call app_info_setup.bat

D:\mobile_src\proton_sdk\RTBareBones\android>set APP_NAME=RTBareBones

D:\mobile_src\proton_sdk\RTBareBones\android>set SMALL_PACKAGE_NAME=rtbarebones

D:\mobile_src\proton_sdk\RTBareBones\android>set PACKAGE_NAME=com.rtsoft.rtbareb

D:\mobile_src\proton_sdk\RTBareBones\android>set PATH_TO_PROJECT_DIR_FROM_CYGWIN

D:\mobile_src\proton_sdk\RTBareBones\android>set EMULATOR_AVD=@AVD_22

D:\mobile_src\proton_sdk\RTBareBones\android>set ANDROID_DEVICE1=HT019P803554

D:\mobile_src\proton_sdk\RTBareBones\android>set ANDROID_DEVICE2=HT848GZ55018

D:\mobile_src\proton_sdk\RTBareBones\android>set ANDROID_EMU=emulator-5554

D:\mobile_src\proton_sdk\RTBareBones\android>start emulator @AVD_22

D:\mobile_src\proton_sdk\RTBareBones\android>"D:\s ysutil_bin\cygwin\bin\bash" --
login -i -c '/cygdrive/d/mobile_src/proton_sdk/rtbarebones/android/build.sh'
Android NDK: NDK installation path auto-detected: '/cygdrive/d/mobile_src/androi
Android NDK: GNU Make version 3.81 detected
Android NDK: Host OS was auto-detected: windows
Android NDK: Host CPU was auto-detected: x86
Android NDK: HOST_TAG set to windows
Android NDK: Host awk tool was auto-detected: awk
Android NDK: Host awk test returned: Pass
Android NDK: Probing for 'cygpath' program
Android NDK: 'cygpath' found as: /usr/bin/cygpath
Using cygwin substitution rules:
/cygdrive/f => F:
/cygdrive/d => D:
/cygdrive/c => C:
/cygdrive/F => F:
/cygdrive/D => D:
/cygdrive/C => C:
/usr/lib => D:/sysutil_bin/cygwin/lib
/usr/bin => D:/sysutil_bin/cygwin/bin
/ => D:/sysutil_bin/cygwin
Android NDK: This NDK supports the following toolchains and target ABIs:
Android NDK: arm-linux-androideabi-4.4.3: armeabi armeabi-v7a
Android NDK: x86-4.4.3: x86
Android NDK: Found platform root directory: /cygdrive/d/mobile_src/android-ndk/p
Android NDK: Found supported platforms: android-3 android-4 android-5 android-8
Android NDK: PLATFORM android-3 supports: arm x86
Android NDK: ABI arm sysroot is: /cygdrive/d/mobile_src/android-ndk/platforms/
Android NDK: ABI x86 sysroot is: /cygdrive/d/mobile_src/android-ndk/platforms/
Android NDK: PLATFORM android-4 supports: arm x86
Android NDK: ABI arm sysroot is: /cygdrive/d/mobile_src/android-ndk/platforms/
Android NDK: ABI x86 sysroot is: /cygdrive/d/mobile_src/android-ndk/platforms/
Android NDK: PLATFORM android-5 supports: arm x86
Android NDK: ABI arm sysroot is: /cygdrive/d/mobile_src/android-ndk/platforms/
Android NDK: ABI x86 sysroot is: /cygdrive/d/mobile_src/android-ndk/platforms/
Android NDK: PLATFORM android-8 supports: arm x86
Android NDK: ABI arm sysroot is: /cygdrive/d/mobile_src/android-ndk/platforms/
Android NDK: ABI x86 sysroot is: /cygdrive/d/mobile_src/android-ndk/platforms/
Android NDK: PLATFORM android-9 supports: arm x86
Android NDK: ABI arm sysroot is: /cygdrive/d/mobile_src/android-ndk/platforms/
Android NDK: ABI x86 sysroot is: /cygdrive/d/mobile_src/android-ndk/platforms/
Android NDK: Found stable platform levels: 3 4 5 8 9
Android NDK: Found max platform level: 9
Android NDK: Looking for AndroidManifest.xml in /cygdrive/d/mobile_src/proton_sd
Android NDK: Found it !
Android NDK: Found project path: /cygdrive/d/mobile_src/proton_sdk/rtbarebones/a
Android NDK: Parsing /cygdrive/d/mobile_src/proton_sdk/rtbarebones/android/jni/A
Android NDK: Found APP_PLATFORM=android-8 in /cygdrive/d/mobile_src/proton_sdk
Android NDK: Defaulted to APP_BUILD_SCRIPT=/cygdrive/d/mobile_src/proton_sdk/r
Android NDK: Application 'local' is not debuggable
Android NDK: Selecting optimization mode through Application.mk: release
Android NDK: Adding import directory: /cygdrive/d/mobile_src/android-ndk/sources

Android NDK: Building application 'local' for ABI 'armeabi'
Android NDK: Using target toolchain 'arm-linux-androideabi-4.4.3' for 'armeabi'
Android NDK: Looking for imported module with tag 'cxx-stl/gnu-libstdc++'
Android NDK: Probing /cygdrive/d/mobile_src/android-ndk/sources/cxx-stl/gnu-li
Android NDK: Found in /cygdrive/d/mobile_src/android-ndk/sources/cxx-stl/gnu
Android NDK: Module 'rtbarebones' has C++ sources
SharedLibrary : librtbarebones.so
in/ld.exe: D:/mobile_src/proton_sdk/rtbarebones/android/obj/local/armeabi/libstd
c++.a: No such file: Permission denied
collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
make: *** [/cygdrive/d/mobile_src/proton_sdk/rtbarebones/android/obj/local/armea
bi/librtbarebones.so] Error 1

D:\mobile_src\proton_sdk\RTBareBones\android>if not exist libs/armeabi/librtbare
bones.so ..\..\shared\win\utils\beeper.exe /p
Beeper by Seth A. Robinson - run beeper.exe /? for help

Press a <ENTER> to continue:

Most of that mess is probably not needed, but I figure it's better to have as much info as possible. It's erroring out on "No such file: Permission denied", is it "libstdc++.a" that it's complaining about? Because I can confirm that that file does exist where it thinks it is. Maybe it is "ld.exe" that it can't find, but I can confirm it's there as well. Or maybe the "SharedLibrary", librtbarebones.so (this one isn't around... I assumed this was creating it here)? If I'm not mistaken, the make is failing when linking for librtbarebones.so?

Hopefully someone can help me out. Thanks guys!