hello i just need an info: i finished the game and found ice castle, the island of dragons and the island of ducks, BUT(&#33 while i was trying to get to the part of the land east of windemere, i found the way to walk on water (only on water)..
i went round a little and found some more screens like the cavern under the lame talking tree (dink's definition, not mine) and a little island with a treasure, a potion and some stairs, but i can't reach them!!! i can only watch i even downloaded the ultimate cheat to use the fly/don't fly option to get there, but it doesn't work... so please seth, what is the way to go there? i also tried to burn the talking tree but i gained nothing.... oh, and i also found the screen north of the edge of the world where dink wants his meat, but it happens the same thing and i can't play! is there a way to get to these places? sorry for my english, i hope i explained well