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    Default Qt

    Ever heard of Qt? It has a very similar framework. Perhaps we could get some ideas from this!

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    How about perhaps not, pretty please ?
    QT is frankly appalling to me, and many others. Personally, I only use it at work if and when I MUST.

    It's not that the Signal/Slot paradigm doesn't save huge amounts of time for complex applications, it does indeed work just like Seth presents it in the tutorial.
    The problem is, as with all complex paradigms, that C++ syntax makes it A BITCH to have to read and maintain someone else's code, unless it's perfectly bug free , and I know this from the aforementioned QT experience.
    I'd rather have to retool 1/4th of my code for every other 2 games and build a library with those modifications with that than have to deal with the whole wire/signal mess again.
    The problem is that jut like in real life, wires "get tangled", and as a normal human being I tend to start forgetting specifics about projects I worked on say, more than 3-4 months ago.

    Still, I find this framework of tremendous use, because it has integrated irrlicht inside of it.
    My personal solution to create a "context" for irrlicht to render to, one that conforms to the SDK's component design to keep most of the benefits might be appalling to some but it works great for me.



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