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Thread: Help: Compiling Example of 3d CHESS

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    Question Help: Compiling Example of 3d CHESS

    Hello dear users

    I am trying to compile some examples from the pack that comes with clanlib, but i cant compile that one: Chess3D. When i try to compile (at visual studio 2010) says:
    Error 1 error LNK1104: cannot open file 'lib3ds-static-mt-debug.lib' ...\ClanLib-2.3.1\Examples\3D\Chess3D\LINK Chess3D

    I downloaded that lib3ds and compiled with visual studio, but the output (as dll or lib) dosent work with it. Even if i try to change the name to mach with what is required by the compiler, it giver a lot of errors.

    I am very newbie with that SDK, but i did a lot of work with Allegro 4 and 5.
    Am i missing something? is there someone who could help me?

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    Note sure which lib3ds version it requires, but we have some old precompiled versions at

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    Default now works

    It worked!!!
    Thank you so much sphair, now i am will dive into that sdk with that (and the others) example.
    Its been almost a week i was looking for that lib, but i didnt saw it at the website (i searched there too...), sorry if i missed it.

    And, at my netbook, taked about 1 min to open that chess example (exe). Is there something wrong?

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    There is nothing wrong.

    I mean it's slow loading on my PC as well. I don't know why. (I did not create that example)

    Hopefully in the future (i'm not sure when), the 3D examples will switch to use the Assimp 3D importer. The Assimp library looks very promising. The next major release of the library should be stable enough for us to use it.

    I created the ClanLib collada importer to be used in 3D examples. Although it works, it has a number of design flaws.

    Then more exciting examples can be written. For example, using models with moveable bones.

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