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    Default Servo: Platform RPG

    So, my post got lost last week with the forum crash, and I had posted an incomplete zip file anyway. So here is our game.

    I started using Perlin noise for the heightmap.
    My friend Soulivore is working with a friend of his on Combat and Balancing. I'm focusing on terrain and aesthetics and another guy cbravo135 is helping out as well.

    Controls so far:
    A,D - left,right
    Space - jump
    Tab- target enemy
    Shift-Tab = target ally
    1 - use ability 1 (armor debuff and heal)
    2 - use ability 2 (ranged DOT at a cost to your health

    We've put a lot of thought and work into it already, but it is far from complete.

    Unfortunately, if you don't have linux, you'll have to import this into your own compiler of choice. If you do have linux. Type 'make -B' in the root directory.
    and run the executable './servo'

    Any feedback on the general coding structure (or just fist pumps of encouragement ) are welcome.

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    We've updated a ton things (and fixed a host of erros that sphair helped point out to us).
    We are just about to split our program into two halfs, a server and a client. So I thought i'd post what we have again to allow some debugging before that

    the servo-server executable does nothing. only worry about the servo executable.

    the abililites are changed now.
    1 - melee stun at cost of defense
    2 - melee damage at cost of energy

    the mob now as a silence ability that he uses whenever its cool down is up.
    still no death or animations for attacks, but were getting closer.
    the perlin noise heightmap is pretty awesome though IMHO

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    Has anyone gotten a chance to try an compile this sucker? If it fails, let me know and we'll take a look at it.

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    Default Tried it out. Works great

    It compiled/ran just fine on my computer (ArchLinux X86_64). and WOW your games addicting I held down D and space bar for hours... HOURS.. no just kidding but it works great. I'll be looking forward to the next version

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    Thanks! We have put a lot of work into it since this release. The graphics haven't changed much except we have a minimal HUD. We sell need a lot of art and animations and interfaces for customizing your player. I'm currently trying to as more platforming elements so you don't just hold down D and jump :-P
    We split the game into two processes. One for the server and one for the client. That way any single player game can be connected to by others. (this is what Minecraft decided to do after years of development, but we thought of it before them :-P)
    When we get the next functional release I will post it again.

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