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Thread: Dear Moderators, PLEASE HELP, I Got banned out of nowhere

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    Default Dear Moderators, PLEASE HELP, I Got banned out of nowhere

    Basically today I was playing teams with my nephew on tanked with the same WiFi and outta nowhere I see my nephew's account getting banned for suspicious client behavior, then after I played for a while I got banned to. I think it has to do with us being on the same network. Can someone help us, this is like the only game we enjoy playing together. Thank You

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    me too, they don't care

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    Tanked detects certain hacks like clock speed ups and auto-bans players. When this happens it often does also ban the IP address. If you play from a different IP address on the account that wasn't banned, you should be ok.

    Can Tanked make a mistake and ban an innocent person? Er.. well, I don't think so but in theory it's possible.
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