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Thread: MainWindow resizing.....

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    Default MainWindow resizing.....

    I'm trying to learn to use ClanLib....
    I'm trying to set a minimum size for the main window (CL_MainWindow) during resizing.
    Looking around the functions, i have noticed the func_resize method (not the func_resized).
    It seem that the func_resize don't work. Or i'm doing something wrong with the code....

    pGUIMainWindow->func_resize().set(this, & TOOL_Main::OnResize);

    void OnResize (CL_Rect & _sRect);

    I can set the my function, but the program simply ignore it. I have already tried to debug, but don't stop at the breakpoint into the function.
    So, i have tried with func_constrain_resize of CL_GUIComponent but i have got a link error.....

    Main.obj : error LNK2001: unresolved external symbol "public: class CL_Callback_v1<class CL_Rect &> & __thiscall CL_GUIComponent::func_constrain_resize(void)" (?func_constrain_resize@CL_GUIComponent@@QAEAAV?$C L_Callback_v1@AAVCL_Rect@@@@XZ)

    Any ideas?

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    Which window manager are you using?

    If I remember correctly only the system WM automatically forwards resize messages from the display window. The other ones require you to hook the sig_resize on CL_DisplayWindow, I think.

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    Yes, that is correct.

    Only clanGUI System window manager hooks the window resizing.

    Infact clanGUI System is the only window manager to hook up signals (listed in CL_GUIWindowManagerSite)

    There maybe size effects patching clanGUI so that clanGUI Texture and clanGUI Direct window manager hook the signals.
    And I am not sure if they even should.

    In the future, I would like to see clanGUI split more logically. I am not sure how.

    For example: If you wanted to render a CL_TextEdit component onto a CL_FrameBuffer object, how would you do it?
    (That can be done, but the point is, it's not simple and obvious)


    If you have access to CL_DisplayWindow, this works:

    	window.set_minimum_size(512, 512, false);
    	CL_Slot slot_resize = window.sig_resize().connect(this, &Basic2D::on_window_resize);
    void Basic2D::on_window_resize(int width, int height)

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    Thank you for the reply.
    I didn't see the CL_DisplayWindow::set_minimum_size method.....ehm....

    About the window manager, i used this code....

    pGUIManager = new CL_GUIManager(__tResource);

    It's the window manager that the GUIManager create itself (system window manager, if i remember correctly).

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