Ajax: I've only tried team mode a few times, but it just isn't fun if you get teamed up with newbies. On a 15 point game I might score 9 and be in first or second place overall and still lose 100+ points since no one else was helping.
This is a tricky one to fix. People can switch teams before launch and try to even it up, but I think it's more likely that good players will gravitate towards one side and cream the worse players.

I have one idea but it will make some angry:

What if right as you're about to launch, the game re-arranges unbalanced teams (by looking at career points) and shuffles them to be better? It could be smart enough to not interfere unless the point differential is > 60% or something.

Note: In private games it wouldn't interfere, in fact, right now in private team games it even allows unbalanced teams like 6 against 1.

A separate problem is what to do in a 2-2 game when one player quits? People do crash or get phone calls.. you sort of feel bad about beating the guy at that point.

Some possible solutions:

  • Server kicks off someone to make the teams even (don't like this..)
  • Server gives super powers to the remaining player to even it up (I like this.. his Tank could look different to make it clear)

Anyway, this thread is for any suggestions/comments on teamplay.