I have a mac and I got to part 4 of the tutorial pretty much without issue although for some reason I couldn't edit the name Empty Skeleton copy to DragonEggs. When I tried to change the name in the program (with Text Edit) it wouldn't let open the file from the main menu. So I had to keep the name as RT_EmptySkeleton Copy as the file name and the prgram name. Anyway I got to step 4 of the tutorial and I can't see what I'm typing in the console input. I have to keep pressing apple and enter to get what I just input to show up on the screen (it won't scroll). The screen shot shows a green bar that says global and has a text input box next to it. I don't have that. The commands seem to still work though. That is until I get to the next part of the tutorial when I have to enter thisumpScriptInfo(); when I type that and hit enter the program crashes. I would really appreciate some help here as I am eager to get started on a game of my own.