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    Ok, I'm probably revealing my stupidity, but I'm sittin' here playing FQ on mrbrown's server, and when I go to look at the ratings, a bunch of people have "protected" by their name; these "protected" people I can't visit their parlors. Just out of curiousity, Somebody please explain...?

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    Whenever your attacked by someone and are beaten the police show up to take a report, they also hang around to make sure your not attacked again, your "protected". Usually they hang around until the next day.
    You will lose your protection if you loggin again the same day, you can be attacked a second time, I found it best to loggin only once per day, those multiple beatings take thier toll.

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    Quote Originally Posted by [b
    Quote[/b] ]You will lose your protection if you loggin again the same day
    Not quite. I used to log back in many many times. See my detailed explanation for how it really works.

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