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Thread: Warning's Compilation on Linux-

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    Default Warning's Compilation on Linux-


    I choose to use ClanLib in my videogames for my study. I would like to apply a patch in order to make these warnings disapear on Linux.
    May I have commit rights for this purpose?


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    We don't give out write access to the repository, but we welcome any patches!

    From the PATCHES file:

    If you have fixed or added something to ClanLib, here is a description how to get those changes included in the official repository.

    Use 'diff -u > mypatch.patch' or 'svn diff > mypatch.patch' from within the ClanLib (trunk) directory. This is contextual diff, it provides more information so it easier to examine the changes before applying.

    If you're using Windows, the TortoiseSVN utility ( can easily create patches. Right click your ClanLib directory (or trunk), and select TortoiseSVN->Create Patch.

    Please submit patches to our development forum. We will review it and apply it if it looks good.

    You should describe what your patch does.

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