And another idea. How about being able to bribe the police. Would need to change the map abit, or perhaps random. Anyway, pay X gold tags and gain protection. Loophole to this, the protection is not for 24 hours, but rather a random time, say 4 - 16 hours. With only one bribe per day.

Maybe, be able to buy a guard dog in the security options. Small hit points small attack but adds to you, maybe always gets first strike, which would only be between 1-5 maybe.

How about a higher psych skill "smooth the data" or something, that helps round off the customers max to the nearest ten. The double skill helps, by doubling fives to tens, but other than that there isn't too much to help the freq of perfects. This might be a bit much tough.

An E'decay option to sell off those unwanted hearses to newbs at lower prices than they would have to pay but more than you would get.