I have got some suggestions on what new items you could add Seth. Here are some of the names of the items that i have thought of(the first one Noob said he wanted so i figured i might as well add it): boost, power shot(crazy name. Yeah i know but just an idea), engine slow and double kill. Boost of coarse increases the speed for maybe 3- 5 seconds. Power shot is where say this power-up lasts for five shots. Those 5 shots cause twice as much damage as regular shots do. Engine slow could last for maybe 2-4 seconds and slow down all the other tanks playing. Double kill lasts for say 30-45 seconds and in that time all the kills the player gets are multiplied by 2. Another idea i had in mind is called unlimited power-ups. If this power-up is used the player will not need to pick up crates for say 15-30 seconds. That means every time the player uses a power-up he will get another one without getting a crate. Please consider adding these to the power-up list. Off topic but what about adding a room where games happen in a certain time.Maybe the first person could set the timer to somewhere between 2 minutes and 5 minutes. Hope you take all these into consideration Seth.