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Thread: Image smoothing

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    Default Image smoothing

    When I'm scaling up a sprite, it appears to be "blurred". Is it possible to disable this for that particular image? Or to disable it completely? I'm using ClanLib 1.0.

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    No it's not possible with ClanLib 1.0 (as far as I know) without changing to the ClanLib 1.0 source code.

    ClanLib 2.3 contains:

    void CL_Sprite::set_linear_filter(bool  linear_filter = true) 
    Set to true if a linear filter should be used for scaling up and down, false if a nearest-point filter should be used.
    It "should" be simple to patch ClanLib 1.0, but I don't know the source to be sure. ClanLib 2.3 does the following:

    void CL_Sprite::set_linear_filter(bool linear_filter)
    	impl->linear_filter = linear_filter;
    	std::vector<CL_Sprite_Impl::SpriteFrame>::size_type size = impl->frames.size();
    	for (unsigned int cnt = 0; cnt < size; cnt++)
    		impl->frames[cnt].texture.set_mag_filter(linear_filter ? cl_filter_linear : cl_filter_nearest);
    		impl->frames[cnt].texture.set_min_filter(linear_filter ? cl_filter_linear : cl_filter_nearest);

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