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Thread: Exiting The Game?

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    Default Exiting The Game?

    Hi fellow tankers.

    Great game. Thanks Seth.

    New to the forum so sorry if this is already covered. How is it players are able to bail out at the start of games without it costing them points? This works well if to connect just as a game starts you don't wanna be in such as a Crate King (which I'm not that fond of). Others seem to use it for avoidoing games with a player that beats them.

    Regards, Sc00ter

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    Quote Originally Posted by sc00ter View Post
    Others seem to use it for avoidoing games with a player that beats them.
    This happens to me all the time some of them are just scared of us high ranks.
    For anyone who knows me from a long time ago I've started playing again but don't expect me to be as competitive as I once was (just play for fun now).:wheelchair: In Game account: Soccerfu Current points: 90k+

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    If a point has not been scored yet, people can quit deathmatch games without penalty. Yeah, I guess this could be used to avoid certain players. With team games, you'll always get a penalty for quitting though. (if your team loses)
    Seth A. Robinson
    Robinson Technologies

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