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Thread: Mouse leaves application window - how to detect?

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    Default Mouse leaves application window - how to detect?

    Hi there,

    is there a way to tell whether the mouse has left the application window? Currently I'm having a problem when the user presses a mouse button, leaves the window, releases it and returns. This way I can't see the mouse up message and makes for a rather unpleasant user experience.

    I've also tried to capture the mouse, but this doesn't work at all, at least not under Windows 7. I'm using Clanlib 2.3.3.


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    First, I just started using ClanLib 2 days ago so don't listen to me ...with that said:

    I was just looking at the input example and it does something like this:

    CL_InputDevice &mouse = window.get_ic().get_mouse()
    CL_Point position = mouse.get_position();
    from that you can get the mouse x and y and check it against your window position and size (not sure how to get that just yet).

    You may also what to look at the sig_lost_focus () signal in CL_DisplayWindow

    I hope I'm not leading you down the wrong path, I just read your post yesterday and happened across this info today and thought I would share.


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    I find it strange that capture_mouse does not work for your case. capture_mouse is being used by ClanGUI, and we are using this in an application currently, and it seems to work ok.

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    Ok, I found a solution. Capturing the mouse only works until the window loses focus. So I just had to set up a slot for sig_focus_gained and call it there. Now it works as intended.

    Thank you guys!

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