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    Default Features of ClanLib


    my company is planning a new project for 3D Visualization. Now we are looking for a 3D Engine that can be used for the rendering

    of the scences.
    Some geographic data should be visualized thus it would be nice if the engine can support the transformation of different

    geographic coordinate systems. But nevertheless it should be clear that this feature is not needed for a game engine.

    An important point is the fact, that the engine can be used in a browser using a plugin. According to this the data should be

    fetched from a web server or database using some sort of dynamic loading or streaming. If it is possible to fetch some files from

    the web it shoudl be possible to encrypt the data. Furthermore the received data should be stored to reduce the traffic.

    The embedding of images, sounds and videos into the scene would be nice.

    It would be nice if you can tell me if some of the demands are supported by the engine.

    Thanks and best regards

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    I think that your requirements demand an actual 3D engine. ClanLib does offer most of the GPU functionality required to do advanced graphics, but it is not an engine in itself.

    Maybe you should check out WebGL? That gives you native browser rendering, although sadly Microsoft refuses to embrace that standard for now.

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