Are you planning on adding some sort of team-based support in FQ? Right now it feels like you vs everyone else... whereas different alliances and such might make things more interesting.

I know teams didn't work very well on the RTSoft server before... I wrote a ridiculous diatribe yelling at people for yanging me, just because I yanged someone who attacked someone on my team.

But, if there was official support, then maybe it wouldn't be so bad. And if the Team-based support added more gameplay on top of the already existing selling/fighting foundations, without altering them too much...

So I have a few crappy ideas, that are an example of how Team things could work.

1) Team Events. Like say you get an event like, "A gold casket fell off the shelf, and made a hole in your floor. You can't lift it by yourself... select a team member to help you." Then after clicking on a team member who is online, that team member gets some sort of pop-up thing (maybe), with the offer of help. Then if he accepts, then both of the team members reap the benefits.

2) Burglary/Fighting Help. If someone breaks into your parlor, then a team member has a chance of being alerted, and can offer to help get the burglar/fighter out of your house.

3) Fire Prevention. I'm not sure how fires work in the gamenow... but say it takes 5 minutes for a fire to completely burn all of your wood tags, and 5% of your BPs. Then a team member could login, and save the remaining Wood Tags/BPs if he comes online in that 5 minute window.

Those are really crappy ideas... but the general point is to add things on top of the already established parameters of the game.

Also, I've thought of a few different ways you could go about making Teams/Guilds. You could have it completely user-driven, so someone creates a Guild for like 5 gold tags, and people can join it for like 1 gold tag or whatever.

Or, you could have several pre-set guilds with no leader... sorta like the Cult in Teenage Lawnmower. Well, not really. But like if you join the Pacifist Cult, then you can't attack anyone, and no-one can attack you. If you join the Psychic Cult, then you can go one Psy level higher than anyone else. Sorta the same thing for a Strength/HP Cult. Or perhaps a Crematory Cult, where you can get a Creamator, which leads to (comparatively) lots of cheap burials to get BPs, which wouldn't take turns. Or even a Voodoo Cult, where you can offer to Raise-Loved-One-From-The-Dead for Super-Rich people, which would lead to lots of money (BP), but no funeral tags. And so on... just to spice things up.