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Thread: "Invincible" bug - no one takes damage. Awesome? No.

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    Default "Invincible" bug - no one takes damage. Awesome? No.

    Just now in a 3v3 game all players experience a bug where none of us suffered any damage. We all remained frozen at out last scored points, as this happened about halfway through the game. All we could do is leave the game, since none of us could inflict any damage on anyone else. All we could do was run around the map like madmen, surround one guy, and pummel him with ... blanks!!! So we were all shooting blanks. :wheelchair:

    BrickTop and Player 156 donated their points to myself, BigDaddy and Wreck (27 each), so kudos to them.

    BrickTop said in his 6 months of playing this is the first time it's ever happened to him or heard of it. Same for Wreck. Has this happened before to anyone?

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    Weird i have never had this happen to me before.
    For anyone who knows me from a long time ago I've started playing again but don't expect me to be as competitive as I once was (just play for fun now).:wheelchair: In Game account: Soccerfu Current points: 90k+

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