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Thread: iPad2 + Apple TV (2nd Generation)

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    Default iPad2 + Apple TV (2nd Generation)

    With iOS 5, the iPad2 can render to its own screen and at the same time can render another image to a second generation Apple TV.
    "developers who want to display different content (instead of mirroring) can assign a new window object to any UIScreen objects connected to an iPad 2 via AirPlay."
    iOS 5 Updates

    Could anyone help me figure out how to accomplish this using proton SDK?

    Gunther Fox

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    Hmm. A second screen to render to? Sounds like that might be a bit tricky to add... if it's just sort of like turning on a new gl surface to render on... could add controls to enable/disable the second surface from the C++ side.

    I don't have an iPad 2 to play with but if anybody feels adventurous, the code to check would be in /shared/iOS/app/*.mm.
    Seth A. Robinson
    Robinson Technologies

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