I've really been wanting to develop 3D for Android, Java's performance is pitiful in comparison to C++ with the NDK. I've worked with Irrlicht source code on PC (and PSP! lookup the developer SG57 ;]) for over 3 years now for odd projects and definitely loved the performance from the Proton Android 3D demo. I took my own crack at porting Irrlicht 1.7 and failed, I could not get textures to bind, even with power^2 textures.

Oh and you're one funny dude Seth.

If I were to simply use the Irrlicht aspect of Proton, could I make an app that does everything via irrlicht and my own code?

Would there be a huge performance difference due to the overhead?

If I were to not make use of the entity system framework, is there a hit on performance due to any underlying framework overhead?