I have two queries

shoot, so long as you aren't american

one- do the contents of the register in the university have any meaning currently (No-one has done anything noteworthy so far- doinky has shown a glimmer of hope, but he still has a way to go.)

It will have in the future, currently it just says the person who is leading.

two- although this may be a question for the author of the mod- what possible use can hiring the two twins have? There is no reason for people to choose to store their tags in wood rather than gold or silver, so this option, and the smoke alarm you can buy to partly counteract seem to me to be pointless?

The twins aren't a mod, they burn people, which is nice. It's so you can get first hit in fights and therefore get more BP. If you get what I mean. You should always store as wood, unless you are worried about getting burned and don't have a safe.