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Thread: Adding a Custom Component to Proton SDK

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    Default Adding a Custom Component to Proton SDK

    I've to add a custom component to the SDK. The component has to move any entity (like an overlay entity or button entity)
    from the top of the screen to bottom and from bottom top(i.e wrap over) for ever. What are the steps to add a custom component?
    How to move an entity from top to bottom and bottom to top forever?

    I'm doing some thing like this inside the OnAdd() function my entity:

    GetMessageManager()->SetEntityVariable(pEnt, 3000, "pos2d", CL_Vec2f(GetScreenSizeX()/2, GetScreenSizeY()));
    GetMessageManager()->SetEntityVariable(pEnt, 3000, "pos2d", CL_Vec2f(GetScreenSizeX()/2,0));

    But it didn't do anything. Inserting the above code inside a infinite loop like for( ;; ) is also not working.
    What to do?
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