Hello everybody, new first time poster here

I checked out Proton source code yesterday and started tinkering with it. The first thing I set out to do was to build the Android version of RTBareBones and try it out. As my development environment is Linux I had to try things out a bit in order to get things running. By following the instructions for Windows [1] and looking at the various .bat scripts this was actually very easy (way easier than on Windows actually, since Android NDK usage on Linux is so much easier).

I did have to do one small change to the source code. The file shared/GUI/RTFont.h includes RTFontFileFormat.h but the file name is actually rtfontfileformat.h the only difference being the case of the letters. I changed the include to the lower case file name but as good a change would be to change the rtfontfileformat.h file to CamelCase. This discrepancy obviously makes no difference on Windows but on Linux where file name case matters it stopped the compilation. I leave it to Seth to decide which change to make to the source code do you prefer CamelCase headers or is rtfontfileformat.h lower case for some reason.

With that change in place I run these commands:

$> cd RTBareBones/android
$> android update project -p .
$> ndk-build
$> mkdir -p assets/interface
$> cp ../bin/interface/* assets/interface/
$> ant debug
That produced the .apk file which I was then able to install to a device and run. Easy enough

Running 'android update project -p .' modified RTBareBones/android/local.properties to have the correct Android SDK location it says in the file comments that this file shouldn't be checked in to a version control system in the first place

I did have the latest versions of Android SDK and NDK setup and in use already before starting this, so that eased things up compared to the Windows quide [1].

Next I'm thinking to try to run the barebones example on a Linux desktop which I suppose will need a bit more coding...

Cheers, Aki

[1] http://www.rtsoft.com/wiki/doku.php?...:android_setup