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Thread: First game "Fire Base Alpha"

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    Default First game "Fire Base Alpha"

    The following are some screenshots of my first game, "Fire Base Alpha" that I started in November. It's only 47% complete (beta version), but with as far as I've gotten, I figured I'd post some in-game screenshots. All the art is mine except for the trees which I borrowed from Dink example. I'll probably end up making my own later.

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    Nice game (as I can see) can't wait to try it.......How much do you optimize it? (don't got too strong computer)

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    Hey thanks for dropping a line, I was wondering if anyone would even care about this project

    CPU performance has been one of my major considerations, trying to make the features as CPU friendly as possible. Since I myself am using a 7 year old notebook (centrino duo 1.6Ghz), I have been doing my best to streamline where I can. I am still a bit confused about Lua's multi-threading capability, as I know the host language has multi-threading and that Lua is somewhat capable (debatable by many it appears). I am not a programmer by profession, this is my first real attempt at making a substantial game, so I am doing my best to make it work on most older systems like mine. So far so good, but I have a long way to go, I guess we will see.

    Side note: Novashell is pretty impressive. I haven't had to use any mods to the source code at all so far.

    P.S. these screenshots are already quite outdated, as I have added a full compliment of option buttons to the command folder and the ability to build a supply depot. I will post new screenshots sometime next week.


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