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    Did you know a non-admin can be in a locked House Entrance in a world? You make a House Entrance public,the admin pulls the player into a House Entrance,,and locks it.If you move just a little you respawn. is this a bug/glitch or not?
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    I think you mean House Entrances not Doors, if Im wrong then please say.

    So, you're saying that you pull a player (With no access) into a <Open to public> House Entrance, then lock it and the player won't die unless he /she moves?

    I think I know this, and Im not sure if it's a bug or not. You can also make player "Fly" with that.

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    Default thats not bug...

    If admin pull random ppl to house entrace What is not opened to rebulig They die. Did You mean it?

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    I'm pretty sure a non-admin person pulled into a locked door and livings a bug.

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